Weekly newsletter — 28 Feb 2021

Previous articles republished this week.

Angular Ivy performance comparisoneduardstefanescu.dev
Angular announces their new Ivy compiler, with smaller bundle sizes, so I wanted to find out on a real project how much the bundle size and the overall application performance were improved. After see

.NET Core Code Coverageeduardstefanescu.dev
Code coverage tools are a great way to improve the code quality, but there are a lot of tools that require a paid license to use it like dotCover, the Enterprise version of Visual Studio or Visual Stu

GitHub — matteobortolazzo/couchdb-net: EF Core-like CouchDB experience for .NET!github.com
EF Core-like CouchDB experience for .NET! Contribute to matteobortolazzo/couchdb-net development by creating an account on GitHub.

10 Software Engineering Laws Everybody Loves to Ignorewww.netmeister.org
Sure, we all pretend to know them, but rarely do we think they apply to us. Your manager certainly doesn’t…

An enthusiast programmer that likes to work with backend, but also enjoys to work with new web-application frameworks.

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