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Previous article republished this week

RabbitMQ Producer with Docker in .NETeduardstefanescu.dev

This is the first article from a series of four, where I will explain each RabbitMQ graph node, the environment setup with Docker and the Producer creation in .NET. IntroductionRabbitMQ it’s a…

One question that intrigued me this week

What do you think about this tweet? Does tech Twitter is dying? Maybe we as tech people should move to specific content platforms like dev.to. Twitter will be more like a gateway through which we’ll share our ideas and news. Or there will be proportional tech content on Twitter. And I like this idea, on Twitter I would like to see more personal engagement from tech people. It would be beneficial, especially for junior people to see the journey of a senior software developer.

The thought that preoccupied me this week

What kind of articles are you blogging about? Or what kind of articles do you think are interesting? I’d like to hear your thoughts on this. If it’s OK, you can also write me a message (contact details on Eduard Stefanescu).

@Nate Ebel discusses the following topics of interest In the video below:

- tutorial summary

- conference recap

- bug fixing (summarize the process)

- trying a new technology

- lessons learned

- opinion

- listcicle

- novel

Programming Blog Ideas // software development podcast // goobar #7www.youtube.com
In this week’s episode we’re going to help defeat the blank page by exploring 8 programming blog post ideas and themes that you can turn to the next time you…

Library of the week

This week I found Flurl, a lightweight, asynchronous, scalable, fluent URL creator and HTTP client library for .NET.

Flurl is a modern, fluent, asynchronous, testable, portable, buzzword-laden URL builder and HTTP client library for .NET.☍flurl.dev
Fluent URL building and wrist-friendly HTTP client for .NET

A few articles that I found interesting this week

A Highly Biased Review of C# Changes from Version 1.0 to 9.0 | Young Coder | Matthew MacDonald | Young Codermedium.com
20 years ago, C# 1.0 was introduced to an audience of mostly corporate Windows-based developers. Now it’s a mature language setting trends for others follow and stealing bits of functional programming. Here’s the story of C#’s two-decade evolution.

Server Streaming with gRPC and .NET Core | by Chandan Rauniyar | The Startup | Feb, 2021 | Mediummedium.com
Using gRPC server streaming call to fetch ~3 million individual location data points using gRPC, dotnet core and Blazor.

Designing for Related Data without Foreign Keys | Blogardalis.com
A recent discussion on devBetter.com about how to model data in a loosely-coupled manner spurred this article which describes a few different ways to model data without referential integrity and foreign keys.

Fluent Builder Pattern — C#. It’s very common to have complex… | by Tiago Martins | Mediummedium.com
It’s very common to have complex objects in our solutions. Objects that have multiple fields and each field is difficult to build. Who is familiar with this type of object? Everyone, I guess…

5 Awesome Nuget Packages for DotNet 5 & DotNet Core in 2021 | by Dominique Kleeven | Feb, 2021 | Mediumdominique-k.medium.com
First things first: I’d like to share this awesome git repository with lots of NuGet packages and other dotnet components. FluentAssertions allow you to more naturally specify the expected assertion…



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