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An enthusiast programmer that likes to work with backend, but also enjoys to work with new web-application frameworks.
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The first conference day started with Dino Esposito discussing that it matters more the soft skills and the pragmatic way to approach problems rather than the used technology, like .NET.
In a sports business, the money comes from the data, that is applied to the sportsmen and women. All the things that we are seeing on TV look so simple, but all of them are based on data. “Data is gold”.

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Library of the week

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One question that intrigued me this week

What do you think about this tweet? Does tech Twitter is dying? Maybe we as tech people should move to specific content platforms like Twitter will be more like a gateway through which we’ll share our ideas and news. Or there will be proportional tech content on Twitter. And I like this idea, on Twitter I would like to…

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  • The attitude of software craftsmanship should be: passion, career ownership, “perfect” practice and boy scout rule;
  • We should produce more to receive more, and not waiting to receive something from our company because we are owning our career;
  • When we are working on an organization don’t excuse, like “No one does that, so I’m not going to do it also”. Either you do it or you leave the company;
  • A good developer is not Java, C# or Ruby developer. A good developer is a developer. We use the tools that we find useful for our job;


  • In February…

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Claims in JWT Token are used to store key data (e.g. username, timezone, or roles) in the Token payload, besides the IssuedAt (i.e. iat), which is added by default.
In .NET Core, Claims can be used…

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JWT Token is a common way of creating access tokens that can…

Eduard Stefanescu

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